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An electric shaver can come to a totally new life when you choose to change its replacement blades. The Norelco HQ9 replacement head is the best choice for those men out there who have a Norelco Smart-Touch XL, 9199XL or Speed-XL 8249XL, 8260XLCC. The HQ8 replacement blades are not compatible with those models so you should not buy them. These models are totally compatible with them and you can change them as soon as you can, even right now. It is extremely simple and easy to do. Just remove the old blades and put on the new ones: you are now ready to shave.

You should change your replacement blades as soon as you feel they have started to loosen up your shaving quality. It is of extreme importance to not use them over the limit, which is around a couple of years or even one year if you have exceptionally strong beard.

Do not mind the price too much: it is a worthwhile investment. With a new set of replacement blades, you are able to have a totally refreshing new shave, that will feel like you just bought a new $200 shaver. You will love the sensation so much that you will be looking forward to change them one more time. But new replacement blades have a lot more qualities in them: you can also have a better shave quickly, meaning that you do not have to pass in the same spot more than once. This way you can save yourself a lot of pain and useless torment by avoiding any ingrown hair that can be a real pain, and even razor burns that are a common occurrence of old shaver heads.

The only negative note we found is the difficult to open packaging: the plastic outside it is so string and difficult to open that really requires a great effort to take out those replacement blades. You may want to use a strong pair of scissors for that. On the positive side, at least you are secure that your HQ9 replacement blades are packaged very well.

Concluding, you need to change your HQ9 replacement head as soon as possible if you want to enjoy the quality and quickness of a new shaver.

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