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Do you also feel men turn naughty at forty? Seems rhyming too – but if given a thought – all concealed reasons for this sudden, radical change gets enlightened. Some display their naughtiness openly while some keep it as a hidden feature of their nature. Men tend to be more inclined towards other females, stare them, tease them, please them, Impress them and the list continues…

Suddenly men spend more time admiring oneself in front of the mirror, buying more and more clothes and grooming, never missing the facials, caring for the skin, hair and…Want many, best branded perfumes, deodorants, after shaves lotion and how can they forget the axe effect! Any casual compliment about them makes their eyes sparkle like diamond- what a noticeable change! This is same for both the genders and natural also, but…Beware! Women get suspicious seeing all this!!

Men at this age are more or less stable in their profession. The brain which used to be always busy with the burden of sustaining the family and planning a secure future is comparatively free now- and allows space for other thoughts. Now, men think about the things that the time or situation did not permit them to do earlier and find ways to accomplish them. Being naughty is a part of it.

When the boy was in the education phase of life, there was continuous pressure from the family and self for building a ransom paying career and in doing so, they might have kept away from the distracting elements- girls. Now they regret for the lost time and trying to compensate, develop more affinity towards the opposite sex. Maybe he did not have enough money support for sustaining a she friend and so had maintained a distance from them.

As a matter of fact, earlier the preferences and taste were different which gradually changes with time, situation and maturity. In this process of adapting to the new circumstances and modifying oneself in accordance to the required demands, sometimes a new person evolves with altogether different liking. The perception changes gradually and so changes the preferences and the person.

At this stage, if he comes across some female who matches with the Madam perfect of thought, he develops an affinity towards her and develops a want to fill all the past gaps of the life. Men might have gained confidence with time and experience, and with that acquired feature can deal with the naughtiness now!!

How can one forget the best feature of men-dealing with the guilt? They can easily justify for all the wrong things and have guts to repeat the so called mistakes again and again. Now no guilt! No justification! No clarification! Just live life King-size!

So! Men are always naughty; the naughty gene is inscribed in the Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA) from the birth itself. It is not an acquired character but an inherited one. It is just a display of a concealed character! Naughty at one, Naughty at two, Naughty at Sixteen, Naughty at forty, Naughty Always!

Source by Shilpa Khandelwal

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